VA - XVIII by Order of the Knights (Curated by Haemogoblin)

VA - XVIII by Order of the Knights (Curated by Haemogoblin)

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Namaste, Ciao and Hola our dear fellow freaks!!! We at ulterior motive are now ready to reveal a very special musical journey 'XVIII' by 'Order of the Knights', curated by 'Haemogoblin'. 'Order of the Knights' is an introspective and experimental fractal of Ulterior Motive family. The explored and identified fractals so far in the realm of infinity are Haemogoblin, Menterama and Nyctophungi.

🔱☠️XVIII by Order of the Knights☠️🔱
A knight was shown the promise made to Mother Earth by the Order Of The Knights, to protect her till her last breath. The strong walls of love that engulf our planet, like the rings of Saturn, protect us from incompatible beings and energies that seek to corrupt us. The walls we helped construct so innocence and love can be preserved. Yet we see our reality abused by non spirituality. The sleeping must awake. The journey of life to be made rooted to our Mother, Earth. The habits of our past to be transformed and with gratitude of the past, pave a way for the birthing of a purer dimension aligned to unconditional love and conscious behaviour, compatible to the planet we breathe on. Let the massacre of her children end. Let us be more aware and inspire so. Let us bring light and celebrate the rise of the morning star.

This music release consists of 8 soul cleansing musical tales narrated by the Knights from the Order of the Knights. Its about time to indulge your self into deeper psychedelia.

-------🙏🕉OM NAMAH SHIVAYA🕉🙏-------


released February 15, 2021

W&P by Haemogoblin, Menterama and Nyctophungi
Mastering by Haemogoblin
Album Artwork by Acid Monkey
Video Editing by Dafni Drake

Catalogue No.: UMPMR002


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