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VA - NeoPagan's Kindred Spirit (Free Release)

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đź”±NoePagan's Kindred Spiritđź”±

Neopaganism attempts to blend original tribal faith, practices and belief system from past with new age beliefs while consciously striving to eliminate most of the traditional western mono and dualism. In line with the vision of this music release, a few individuals hailing from different parts of planet earth and claiming to be neopagans are now coming together to share their learning, beliefs and knowledge and express them through their audio and musical language. Each of the neopagans will express themselves in their own special way through dark and/ or psychedelic music and will take the listeners through a journey of emotions, feelings and realizations.


released August 9, 2020

Mastering by: Haemogoblin
Artwork by: Disha Hazarika & Ursula Art
Compiled with love by: Ketan


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