Intellectual Bums - The Book of Lost Science

Intellectual Bums - The Book of Lost Science

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"A strange art – Music – the most poetic and precise of all the arts, vague as a dream and precise as algebra."

'The Intellectual Bums', another introspective fractal of Ulterior Motive crew is a collaboration project between Menterama and Saturnin. Having spent time trapped in a house in Blue Mountains which is primarily the land of the aboriginals of 'Dharug' nation, during the thick of the pandemic, creativity & expression was ever flowing & expanding. Upcoming release is a collection of some of the creations they made in that time. A special time of collaboration and connection. The creators would like to acknowledge the 'Dharug' people as the traditional owners of the land that has given them the energy, comfort, and inspiration for this musical journey.
The collaboration & co-creation of art is a highly unique and sacred thing. We want this 'EP' to be a tribute to the infinite potential of sacred connectivity of human beings with one another.

🔱☠️The Book Of Lost Science☠️🔱
In the times of the Tang dynasty, lived a group of people that valued the natural flow of life over the rational thinking mind. They cared not for materialistic possessions but rather about understanding the mysteries of the world. Although shunned by many, their motivation to explain the in-explainable & figure out the unknown peaked regardless. These people were known as the Intellectual Bums.
Throughout the times of tapping into ancient knowledge, they realized that there was more to human potential than what everyone had believed.
They began collecting relics and tools found throughout history to form a manuscript that was meant only for the highly motivated. A collection of forgotten disciplines & rituals- now known as the Book of Lost Science.

-------🙏🕉OM NAMAH SHIVAYA🕉🙏-------


released June 7, 2021


W&P by: Intellectual Bums (Menterama & Saturnin)
Mastering by: Haemogoblin
Artwork by: Akshat Singh/
Released on Ulterior Motive Productions
Catalogue Number:UMPEPR0002




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