My name is Peter Kalinski and I am an audio/visual artist from a small village in Slovenia.

I'm a practitioner of multiple styles/forms of artistic expression but my expertise lie within digital and analog illustrations. Other forms include sculpting, installation, painting, costume design and most recently music production which I have been wanting to get into for the last 15 years but haven't been able to because of my mental and financial state.

Most of the inspiration for my visual expressing come from the auditory world. Whether it is music or just weird sounds. I also incorporate (or at least try) my everyday experience of living in a failing system while being a privileged little asswipe.

On the other hand with music it's the other way around; I don't want to say anything with my music, rather convey an emotional state I'm either in at the moment or have been at some point of my life. Mostly it consists of laying out the various stages of depression I went through or am now going through still. That being said I think I'm a relatively positive person with a lot of hope and ambition for the future. That being said I'm a hard misanthrope with a special kind of disgust towards certain pervasive constructs humanity chained itself in.

The 0_CULT project started I guess 3 years ago, but hadn't really taken off until I posted one image in a facebookb group called "Cyberpunk Tokyo" 1,5 years ago. I created a page per request of people of that group and, to my big surprise gained a lot of followers (I guess 7,5k isn't a lot but for me it was a huge boost of confidence. People seemed to like my stuff and I was able to sell enough prints and got enough commissions to be inevitably able to buy my first synthesizer and slowly started to realize things I wanted to do for my entire "adult" life. There is also a sub-project of 0_CULT called ANATOME[0] (which means "The anatomy of 0" in Latin). It's the analog part of it. Quite big hand drawn illustrations with a lot more of my personality and experiences infused within them.

Nowadays 0_CULT is more of a side project, the fb page somewhat neglected. I feel a bit bad because of it but I can't really force myself to do anything if all I want to do is make music, which I do with my girlfriend under the name Stagnat. We have self-released a shitty EP and are now on track to releasing a full LP on Singularity Recordings.

I can't make any promises but sooner or later I will return to 0_CULT and blast some new screaming vector graphics all over the place. I don’t know if it’s healthy for these projects if I constantly jump between them but I don’t have any control when and where the inspiration slams my face into the keyboard or into the lfo knobs. I find it’s best to let that current decide and not fight it in any way. We’ll see.