Menterama is my psychedelic music project that was born around 2011. I found this name in the Introduction of the book "The Fourth Dimension" by Rudy Rucker, where the author uses this term to describe his mind and all that it is within: from the most positive and happy thoughts to the darkest and most dramatic extremes.

The book examines the Fourth Dimension, mathematics, numbers, geometry, all topics that have always caught my attention during my academic studies.

I thought this word perfectly described psychedelic experimental music and what I would like to communicate through it; a musical style free from preconceptions and which allows me to express myself without following too rigid rules or schemes.

At first I was mainly influenced by the Russian masters, their technique in the use of sounds reminded me of a great alien invasion directly into the dancefloor, a sensation that I had in 2013 at the Inner Sanctum, best party ever! Currently I experiment with different techniques with the people around me, without imposing a specific style.